The World is Awakening

The fate of Julian Assange, publisher and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee matters to all of us.

Peace Parade London takes direct action through peaceful theatrical and musical interventions in support of the couragous publisher, currently imprisoned at High Security Prison Belmarsh in the United Kingdom. Assange is awaiting legal proceedings regarding extradition to the U.S. scheduled to commence in February 2020 in London. The outcome of the 'matter Assange' is a cross road in history and will decide which way the world goes. Will we be able to exercise our right to free speech, or will it be lost forever in a totalitarian world?

 On 24th of May 2019 we had a beautiful 1st Peace Parade. For eight hours we cruised through the streets of London on a Red Route Master Bus. DJ 'Dr. Motte', father of the Berlin Love Parade, our London 'Team Peace Parade' and long term UK Assange activists. In the evening our Red Routemaster went to Belmarsh Prison where we peacefully parked for an hour on the Visitor's Car Park. The Metropolitian Police loved it. Officer 'J' had sparkling eyes. Who doesn't love a London Red Route Master? Who doesn't love due process, democracy, human rights and free speech?



Julian's 48th birthday outside #Belmarch 3/7/19


Help our Cause. Let's save Julian.

All the way to the top - legally, lawfully & peacefully. The 'Romans' simply have no chance. Watch us and donate generously if you agree that saving Julian Assange is the most important mission in this world right now. Let's save Julian, free speech and thereby all our freedom & liberty.  

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