Julian Assange's political asylum was unlawfully revoked on 11/04/19 by Ecuador. Assange was then immediately arrested by London's Metropolitan Police for a 'failure to surrender' offence that originated from the Swedish investigation. This investigation never had any substance and was delayed by British and Swedish Authorities with no other purpose than to make Assange a #PoliticalPrisoner in the interest of the powers that be. It has been foul play all the way since 2010. 

The fate of Julian Assange is now in the hands of the UK Judiciary. On 1st of May 2019, the Southwark Crown Court  sentenced Assange to 50 weeks in prison for breaching his bail conditions in 2012. This is disproportionate and at the same time absurd. Assange sought refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy on 19th of June 2012 to avoid extradition to the United States via the Swedish investigation. All legal avenues had been exhausted on that day.

 The Assange cases (Swedish Case) and the British case ('failure to surrender' offence) have always been about the threat of extradition to the United States. The US State apparatus remains angered to this present day because Assange has embarrassed them repeatedly with revelations about their war-mongering activities brought to international attention through WikiLeaks' courageous publishing activities. 

Collateral Murder (2010)


 Afghan War Logs (2010)


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 Vault 7 (2017)

Mass Surveillance on populations worldwide


Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson, Jennifer Robinson & Fidel Narvaez, former Consul at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London hold press conference regarding unlawful surveillance of political asylee Julian Assange on 10/04/19


Unlawful arrest of Julian Assange on 11/04/19 ('team work' between the Metropolitan Police and the 'snatch team' - the CIA is already 'in the house')


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Julian Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson & Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson at Westminster Magistrates Court on 11/04/19:

"Arrest of Julian Assange marks a dark day for journalism and sets a dangerous precedent for journalists."


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WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief on 01/05/19

"Assange's extradition hearing is a question of life or death"


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Kristinn Hrafnsson, Editor-in-Chief of Wikileaks at 'Imperialism on Trial'' on May 1st 2019


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